Three Ways to Master Marco Polo Kung fu At Work

three ways to master marco polo kung fu at work

I may have just found my newest binge-watching obsession on Netflix, about the obscure story of people in the period of Kublai Khan. “Marco Polo” tells the story of the famed explorer’s early years living in the Mongol Empire with all its oriental grandeur, intrigue, elegantly choreographed fight scenes, and…

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Expat Entrepreneurship in the UK [Infographic]


I have, on multiple occasions and in a myriad of circumstances, shuddered slightly at the labels. You know the ones (or at least have heard of them: ‘Square Peg in a Round Hole’, TCK, Mumpreneur, and other ‘cubby’ terms aimed at those who seek to understand (and possibly sell to) said…

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How Moonpig achieved a 98% staff retention rate


You’ve had a lousy day of going through task lists referenced by a ‘Master Task List’, far too many meetings and diabolical transport. It’s one of those days when wine o’clock arrived 3 hours early… So you pick up your stack of mail dreading bills and spam of the posted…

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Reading is fundamental :: Little Free Library Project

We will be doing the Little Free LIbrary in our front yard. Why? I have loved books since I was little.  Where other little kids got caught skipping school in the playground or doing something rather unsavoury, teachers that sought me for being late or M.I.A. caught me (predictably at…

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