I fancy myself The Seeker of Tipping Point Stories


I am obsessed with that point of time in a Startup’s life. You know the one. It’s the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. It’s much like jumping out of a plane in skydiving gear. You know you’ve got a parachute, but will it work?   I’ve…

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Three Ways to Master Marco Polo Kung fu At Work

three ways to master marco polo kung fu at work

I may have just found my newest binge-watching obsession on Netflix, about the obscure story of people in the period of Kublai Khan. “Marco Polo” tells the story of the famed explorer’s early years living in the Mongol Empire with all its oriental grandeur, intrigue, elegantly choreographed fight scenes, and…

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The Changing Face of Creative Britain

fashion-1 of 7

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