The Queen has had her say – What’s YOUR Christmas message to the planet?

A digitally altered image of the Queen from the Channel 4 broadcast.

I’m not entirely sure which of my present realities makes this epic video so damn hilarious.  It could be that I’ve been binge-watching “The Crown” on Netflix so her mannerisms and vocal stylings are top of mind right now; Or else it could be the fact that Brexit has been…

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Three Ways to Master Marco Polo Kung fu At Work

three ways to master marco polo kung fu at work

I may have just found my newest binge-watching obsession on Netflix, about the obscure story of people in the period of Kublai Khan. “Marco Polo” tells the story of the famed explorer’s early years living in the Mongol Empire with all its oriental grandeur, intrigue, elegantly choreographed fight scenes, and…

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A Curated Bookshelf for That Entrepreneurial Tipping Point

Inspiration and the good-old-fashioned ‘Quest for Knowledge’ are crucial at many points within one’s entrepreneurial journey. Most need it in spurts; some need a constant flow…but everyone needs it at some point. To quench that proverbial thirst for everything, today’s entrepreneur is spoiled for choice like never before. Gone are…

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