I fancy myself The Seeker of Tipping Point Stories

I am obsessed with that point of time in a Startup’s life. You know the one. It’s the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. It’s much like jumping out of a plane in skydiving gear. You know you’ve got a parachute, but will it work?



I’ve been in the fortunate position of being surrounded by entrepreneurs for pretty much most of my career. I’ve started a few businesses myself with both stunning (short-lived) results and spectacularly epic losses

I’ve recently done some super secret sleuthing for a Skincare Startup (aka Pre-Launch Influencer Community Strategy) that generated 1.6M re-targetable leads based purely on a content strategy and relevant social media ecosystems.

But it’s not about me today. It’s about YOU if you are a startup with a story. It’s about startups and their caffeine-coated energy, FTW mindset and insane problem-solving skills which have enthralled me for years.

I’ve collected a lot over the years.  We’re talking about hundreds of stories.

I want more. Scroll down below to tell us about that awesome, tangible, remarkable point in time just before you stepped out of your past life, and into this present reality. We will feature you in al the usual places.

A few favourites from the past that I still remember today:

A ballerina’s tipping point story involving Lisa Suswain, founder of award-winning franchise Wagging Tails had to do with a catastrophic crack in her ankle while dancing for the Royal Ballet. Her beautiful dog licking her hand under the table months later, to comfort her, became that moment that spawned a life of being an artist turning into bring artistry to dog-sitting!

A Cat Lady, in contrast–well the owner of a Cat Cafe, to be exact, was flabbergasted one day while working for Sony. The perplexing point was about how a painfully slow bottlenecked decision to change a sofa color in the Sony lounge took 3 months. She decided then to pour all her energies into sofas and treats and beautiful spaces for CATS. I spoke to her while working at Barclays UK

Do you have a startup story to share?  We’ve made it our personal mission to find stories like yours and yell from the highest mountain about it.

Fill it up and you’ll also get a free 30-Minute Session on Content Strategy, Social Media and Digital Strategy. Can’t wait to meet you!

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