Creative Britain Infographic

In 2008, the Creative Economy paper External Link published jointly by DCMS, BERR and DIUS set out a strategy for the creative industries. It included twenty-six commitments for Government and industry. In essence, the commitments would turn talents into jobs; support creative clusters with research, innovation, funding and mentoring. 5 years later, we seem to see a resuscitated desire to revisit the strategy.

Has ‘Creative Britain’ stayed top of mind with the essential government and industry strategists?

5 years later to date, The creative industries make up one of the UK’s leading industrial sectors, responsible for 1.4 million jobs and 5.3% of the country’s gross value-added (GVA). The UK has a wealth of creative talent and it  represents a significant part of our economy and employs more people than the financial services sector. The most recent estimates suggest that the creative industries account for eight per cent of the UK economy — a total of £56.5 billion.

Now these numbers are exciting enough; it is indicative of one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. What is even more exciting is the news closer to home: various British institutions and government bodies are investing heavily in creative entrepreneurship. One remarkable company that has appeared in my periphery is Transmist StartUps, for which reason I wrote a blog article on Creative Entrepreneurship Mentor – Damian Baetens

Inspired by creative mentors such as Damian, I wrote a blog article on The Creative Industry Playground.
It is my hope that it helps in some small way to do one of two things: One, keep the strategy alive to enliven ongoing support and growth for the creative industries. Or two, help creative entrepreneurs see the ‘size of the prize’ in their chosen industry sectors and be inspired to choose or continue playing in their creative playgrounds.

A bit of luck, and it may help with both. This infographic is a playful expression of creative industries, not child’s play at all.  Art directed by me, worked on by Graphic Designer and Urban Explorer Richard Pennington. We’ve had a lot of fun creating it!

Creative Britain Infographic

Creative Britain Infographic

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