Expat Entrepreneurship in the UK [Infographic]

I have, on multiple occasions and in a myriad of circumstances, shuddered slightly at the labels. You know the ones (or at least have heard of them: ‘Square Peg in a Round Hole’, TCK,┬áMumpreneur, and other ‘cubby’ terms aimed at those who seek to understand (and possibly sell to) said cubby segments of humans.

Startups have been the centre of my passion for over a decade. That unmistakable energy has driven me to be part of a few failed startups and a handful of truly amazing world-changing ones. More on that later…

Who is actually starting companies in the UK? This Infographic has every facet that has intrigued me as an entrepreneurial expat, who happens to be a woman and of the generation we call Millennials. Although I am probably really more of a ‘Digital Native’. Who really cares to argue about the labels, I know I’m not one for it…I do love Infographics though, hope you enjoy this one.


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