Marketing Ninjas

The Marketing Thought team have a reputation for getting results. Whether through the latest trends or with unorthodox and innovative approaches to traditional methods, we can always find a new way to see things and create digital strategies that people remember.

Kristina1Kristina loves building Digital Marketing Programs within niche vertical markets. Programs that have a dual purpose in life — Acquisition and Customer Loyalty. She can be a bit of a geek when it comes to marketing, but she makes up for that in sheer talent for getting things done right.

She has seen through projects that resulted in boosting registration rates from 25 to 35%, buyer rates from 26 to 32% and loyalty rates from 10 to 14%.  And one favourite project involving a digital strategy that reaped $120k/month on “written off leads”.

Great results, especially considering that the infrastructure is very often built from the ground up.
She is the Content Editor for Build British Business and curates Mind The Gap.


Pan likes to make sure everything is done right. He is a true believer in a serious yet fun method of project management starting from the inception of an idea right to the finish (with After-Care© included). He is always coming up with ideas of ways to approach things, but is always careful to road test them on himself (and a relevant group of ‘crash-test dummies’ aka sample) before taking a passenger along.

He has a somewhat unconventional view of how things can actually work outside of the proverbial box. Pan tends to be the time keeper in this relationship, so while Kristina is busy with ROI sheets or building templates that look uber-cool, he will make sure someone is there to answer the door when the deadline arrives.


The team

You don’t need a big agency to come up with big ideas. Often they take on too many projects at one time and you get the feeling that they are not putting all of their energy into seeing YOUR plan through. Marketing Thought is run by a husband and wife team that have the uncanny ability to finish each other’s sentences and read each other’s minds.
Wherever Kristina is playing in her digital playground, Pan is always there to back her up.

Writer, dj, vj, digital marketing geek, world traveler and chef… It all makes for one innovative team.

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