The Queen has had her say – What’s YOUR Christmas message to the planet?

I’m not entirely sure which of my present realities makes this epic video so damn hilarious.  It could be that I’ve been binge-watching “The Crown” on Netflix so her mannerisms and vocal stylings are top of mind right now; Or else it could be the fact that Brexit has been perpetually on my notifications despite it being unceremoniously buried in Covid19 dramas (and that whole thing is laughable enough already). Hearing myself think as I type, I think I find this hilarious because the grim truth is simply harder to bear. I’ll get to that in a minute.

For now watch The Queen’s Alternate Christmas Speech.

As I am on the brink of launching a new project #ThinkDigital alongside Desiree Reid, Co-founding CEO and Marketing Director of IMAN Cosmetics for 25 years…I can’t help but think that despite all my attempts to deny adjusting to “the new normal” of masks and quarantines, there are worse truths to have to wrap my head around.

On some level I’ve always known, as many of us do, that the world is full of gullible sheep.

On the one hand, yes of course the world needs a throng of people with fan mentality for sure…else how could an NFL football game, FIFA soccer match or wicked live music concert EVER get enough people jumping around after paying for concert tickets, Merch, plus EP and Album downloads on top of that? On the other hand, if there’s anything learned from recent political and social disruption surrounding Trump, Covid and Brexit…it’s that misinformation campaigns abound and can very easily fester in much the same way as a viral marketing campaign does.

Recent events have exposed in a stark way that social media and other online content can sway and dissuade massive amounts of people into a clusterfuck of misunderstandings and animosity. It hasn’t gone unnoticed for sure, that this eerie sense of divisiveness in the air seems to threaten to linger. Fear of more unknowns is quite a tangible takeaway feeling from 2020. Personally I think that this reality should spark (or reinforce) a responsibility for us digital creators and marketers to strive for authenticity to be represented at all costs.

It isn’t always easy.

Channel 4 is bound to get tonnes of disapproval and personal attacks for this video.
(By the way, in case you bailed on it at th 50-second mark and didn’t see the ending, this video is a creative demonstration of a deep fake), and additionally, “…Channel 4 said the broadcast was intended to give a “stark warning” about the threat of fake news in the digital era, with its director of programmes, Ian Katz, describing the video as a “a powerful reminder that we can no longer trust our own eyes”.

What do you think of it?
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One Last Question for Bonus Points:
If The Queen of England was on TikTok – does it compel or propel you to start using the platform?

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