Both of our professions are perennially works-in-progress.
It’s part and parcel of The Curse of Visual Fixation…Once upon a time, our work was all about infusing a different thinking mode into the way companies used our integrated marketing approach into their daily business.  “Stop thinking like a CEO, or a Bean Counter, or a Rep,” I’d say in numerous conversations”…just think like a marketing person for the moment and help me get into these guys head and let’s  just make the plan happen.”

True marketing thought can never survive in isolation– a rather foreign concept to Clients of ours in the early days (funny enough, it still is to some to date)…

As with all fun things that exist in one’s daily vernacular, the very meaning of  ‘Marketing Thought’ has changed for us in the last 9 years.  When Email Campaigns first started its Popularity Rise in 2001 it was all about making people shift from their attachment to “Strictly-DM” and “Outlook Email Policies” to investing in third-party email software applications to track their campaigns’ opens, clicks, and other response rates.

In 2004 we applied Marketing Thought principles to event management and got massive sponsorships for Chemistry Events in New Zealand, Manila and London.  And from 2008 to date– partly in reaction to the bombardment of mediocrity in popular music genres– Marketing Thought has been all about stretching the meaning to marketing ‘Thought’ itself in the way we attack corporate projects, music events and writing assignments.

Our work in every medium has always been very process-orientated, and very much integrated with a Company’s unique past, present and future.  We’ve grown our business to the point of now thirsting to share the experiences with more connexions.
Yes, we do everything from the above  the line to Social Media…including Digital Marketing, eMarketing, Multimedia Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Facebooking and Twittering… oh but a few buzz words in the last few years but with truly attainable bottom-line results.
At the heart of everything is the thinking.
And The Thinking is timeless and impervious to all bandwagon approaches…

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